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Remote Learning Plan

As you may be aware, schools are required to have a remote learning plan in place so that any child who cannot attend school because of COVID-19 does not miss out on their learning.

Here we explain our plans for remote learning for children who have to self-isolate, or where local or national restrictions mean that children need to stay at home

Our remote learning plan

Our remote learning plan has been made with our pupils and their families in mind. We believe that this strategy will work best for the children at our school.

  • The Academy is able to loan a Chromebook to every child in Reception through to Year 6. This will support them with their home learning. It MUST be returned to the Academy when children return to school full time.
  • The Academy may be able to provide internet access via pre-paid dongles or sims cards. Please contact the school office if this is required.
  • Children will be expected to be learning for at least 3 hours over the course of the day.
  • Each day children will receive maths and literacy work. They will also receive a range of other curriculum subjects over the week.
  • EYFS and KS1 work will be accessible via SeeSaw. KS2 children will receive work via Google Classroom.
  • Parents can request a paper copy of the work via the school office.
  • Children will have access to pre-recorded sessions and at least one daily live session. Live sessions will be attended by 2 staff members.
  • Teachers will make a wellbeing call to children who do not attend live learning sessions.
  • Every child has been provided with an exercise book or a learning booklet to record work.
  • We ask that children send their work back to school each day so that the teacher can check the learning and provide feedback as necessary.
  • Children will receive regular feedback on their work:

               o Maths and literacy work will be marked daily if submitted by 3pm.

               o Work in all other subjects will be marked by the end of the week.

               o Staff are available at various points during school hours for online questions                         from children.

  • Children with special educational needs will have daily contact with their Learning Support Assistant. This may be via a Google Meets session or a telephone call as appropriate.

On the Academy website, under ‘Home Learning Help for Parents’, guides and videos are available to support families with online access and remote learning.

What you will need at home

  • Children will need access to one of the school’s Chromebooks (or a similar device) and internet access.

  • Children will be provided with exercise books or booklets to record work. They may also be provided with a mini dry wipe board and pen.

  • Children with special educational needs will be provided with a personalised box of resources to support their learning.

  • All children will need a quiet space to work where they can hear the live learning and respond clearly.

  • If your child does not have any of the above, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help support you.

What we expect from your child

It is important that your child engages with home learning and attends the daily live learning sessions. If children are not engaging with their learning, we will use the following strategies to provide additional support:

  • Teachers will call home to speak to parents and children to offer support and answer questions regarding access.

  • Teachers will offer incentives to children to engage. For example, class rewards or recognition of success and effort.

What you can do to help

We appreciate that if this situation arises, it may present some challenges for you. We kindly ask for your support so that we can continue to provide high-quality education for your child during this time.

Younger children in particular may need support in accessing online materials and staying focused with their remote learning. We ask that you help them as much as you can.

At the same time, we do not expect you to watch your child all day, and we would not expect parents/carers to get involved in remote lessons in place of our teachers. However, it would be helpful if you can take an active role in your child’s learning by asking them about their day and what they’ve learned.

Our top tips:

  • Try to encourage your child to be ready and dressed for the start of the school day, and to keep to a routine.
  • Distinguish between weekdays and weekends, and make it clear when the school day is over, to separate home and school life
  • Plan breaks and exercise into the day to help keep your child active
  • Take a look at your child’s online learning for the day and offer encouragement to complete tasks.
  • Please read our protocols for live learning: Please click here to view our live lesson protocol.
  • Please let us know if you are having any difficulties with remote learning or if you have any questions. We will be in regular contact so make sure that your email address and phone number are up-to-date and you look out for communications from school.

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