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Design Technology

Design and technology (DT) is the part of the curriculum in which pupils learn to design, make and evaluate functional products or systems.

At Gateway, DT lessons always comprise practical and technical activities. In school children will carry out designing and making tasks involving, structures, mechanisms and textiles as well as a food-based activity.

Within the framework of the National Curriculum, pupils at Gateway are expected to develop the design and technology capability to help them in practical and educational settings. These skills include:

  • creative designing and problem solving
  • making functional products and systems
  • considering aesthetic, social, economic and environmental issues
  • reflecting on other people’s designing and making
  • becoming discriminating consumers of products and systems

DT consolidates a range of curriculum areas. It supports Literacy as children practice reading when making sense of instructions, seeking information, scanning and skimming texts, as well as reading captions and labels in design work.  DT also provides ample opportunity for the practical application of mathematics through calculations and measurements. ICT is another important part of the DT curriculum as pupils have access to a range of related activities including those where they:

  • use, draw and paint programs to model ideas
  • use databases and other information sources for research
  • develop their understanding of sequencing and control systems
  • use digital cameras to record their work

How can parents help

Design and technology is everywhere. We are surrounded by it but often don't think about how and why things are the way they are. Take a moment with your children to consider some of the everyday household items that you own which have been affected by advances in Design and Technology. How have they changed in recent years and why? If your child has a keen interest in DT then click on the link below. This will take you to a number of webpages which will help them to develop their DT knowledge and understanding. 

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