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Computing involves the use of a wide range of technologies, including computers. Computing is taught as its own subject but is embedded in all other subjects across the school curriculum.

At Gateway, Computing lessons are used to teach children a wide range of skills in a variety of contexts. This will include using different software programs in the Computing suite or on laptops to develop transferable lifelong skills. It will also include using other hands-on resources to help the children understand the practical uses of Computing . Children study a variety of topics throughout the year which involve finding things out, exchanging and sharing information, developing ideas and making things happen.

Interactive Whiteboards are used in some way in the majority of lessons and Computing  is used in all other curriculum areas. Children will regularly use Computing  to collect data in Numeracy and Science, record role play in Literacy, model and control things in Design and Technology and however else will engage and enhance learning. This embedded use repeatedly models and reinforces children’s computer skills so children begin to use Computing  intuitively and are able to choose the best resource for the job.

Computing  is all around us. It is used in all areas of life; by providing a solid understanding of the basics of Computing, children are well equipped to understand the constantly evolving technologies around them.

Online Safety

  • At Gateway we take Internet safety extremely seriously.
  • We have an Internet Policy that provides guidance for teachers and children about how to use the World Wide Web safely.
  • Children are not permitted to access the Internet without the presence of an adult and even then specific pre-checked websites are used.
  • The entire school network is protected by a filtering firewall that stops any inappropriate material being viewed or downloaded.
  • An Internet incident report system is in place to record and help investigate issues should they arise.

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