School Houses


Teacher-In-Charge: Mr Harwood
House Captain: Jessica and Juned
Score: 5555


Teacher-In-Charge: Miss Young
House Captain: Hussain and Shanaz
Score: 1107


Teacher-In-Charge: Miss Sullivan
House Captain: Miss Sullivan
Score: 1172


Teacher-In-Charge: Miss Prevezer
House Captain: Euron and Nyomza
Score: 1254

House Points

At Gateway, there are four houses; Jaguars, Leopards, Lions and Tigers. Every child from Year 1 – 6 is in one of these houses and can earn points for their team. We meet weekly to collect all the points and announce the winner every Friday at assembly.  All teachers and adults in the school can give out 10 housepoints a week.

The Jaguars are led by Al-Harith Mahmoud and Galal Ahmed.
The Leopards are led by Bleone Bejtullahu and Marvin Kellici.
The Lions are led by Rahatour Rob Chowdhury and Caala Santana.
The Tigers are led by Tanya Costa Lopes and Riam Hachim.

It is a way to promote and reward good behaviour and foster a sense of competition and teamwork throughout the school. The team with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded the house shield and a prize for their house. We will be running many competitions; starting with our challenge to know our contact details. Watch this space for more details about the up and coming spelling bee!