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Year 6 Show

The Year 6 children said goodbye to the school at the end of term by putting on an amazing show. Not only was production was written and performed by the children - they also designed and created the sets props and music. It was a fantastic show and we are all very proud of their achievement.


Below is a link to a folder which contains a video of the show, as well as lots of other things made during the production including the script and the music:


The folder also contains the children's leavers book PowerPoints. If you don't have PowerPoint at how you can open the presentation with Google Slides of by downloading PowerPoint viewer:


Well done again to the children. You did a fantastic job!


This video shows you how to say the sound for each letter or group of letters.

Search engines

Yahool kids - Website directory for children.               

Ask Jeeves - for kids - A child friendly search engine which filters results to ensure they appropriate to children.             

Google  - Online search engine.  To ensure safe searching for the whole family go to the Search Settings in the top right-hand corner, scroll down to SafeSearch filtering then select: Use strict filtering.              

ICT Links

Internet safety - Stay Safe Quiz

Learn about internet safety with Dongle the Rabbit. Take the quiz and see how safe you are online.             

Think U Know - Online internet safety for the whole family

Computer skills

Computer Tutor - Mouse and keyboard skills for beginners - Suitable for older children and adults: covers a wide range of very basic computer skill.


Dance Mat Typing - Keyboard skills for children as young as 7.               

Poisson Rouge - Mouse control skills for young children.             

Webwise - Online internet course for beginners